Mountains at Bangladesh

  • Chimbuk 2nd, Height: 874m, Bandarban.
  • Dumlong, Height: 995m, Belaichori, Rangamati.
  • Jogi Haphong, Height: 946m, Remarki, Bandarban.
  • Kapital/Capital, Height: 919m, Ruma,Bandarban.
  • Keokradong, Height: 965m, Ruma, Bandarban.
  • Kirs Taung, Height: 886m, Bandarban.
  • Kreikung Taung, also known as Ngaramh Tlang, Bengali meaning: মাছ পাহাড়; Height: 940m, Ruma, Bandarban.
  • Laisra Haphong, Height: 927m, Belaichori, Rangamati.
  • Lakhuduang, Height: 911m, Bandarban.
  • Lowmbok-Row, also known as Fhon thu sip or Nag Pahar, Height: 868m, Bandarban.
  • Mowdok 3rd, Height: 911m, Bandarban.
  • Mukhra Thuthai Haphong, Height: 954m, Belaichori, Rangamati.
  • Rang Tlang, Height: 952m, Belaichari, Rangamati.
  • Rang Tlang 3rd, Height: 908m, Rangamati.
  • Saka Haphong, also known as Mowdok Taung or Tlangmoy or Clang Moy or Shopno Chura; unofficially the highest peak of Bangladesh. Height: 1040m, Thanchi, Bandarban.
  • Sippi Arsuang, also known as Ramjhum or Ramju Taung; Height: 892m, Bandarban.
  • Taung Prai, Height: 902m, Belaichori,Rangamati.
  • Tazing Dong, also known as Bijoy; Height: 822m, Bandarban.
  • Thingdawlte Tlang, Height: 936m, Ruma, Bandarban.
  • Tinmukh/Tinmatha Pillar Peak, Height: 936m, Belaichori,Rangamati.
  • UR 2, Height: 916m, Bandarban.
  • Zow Tlang, also known as Mowdok Mual; Height: 981m, Ramakri, Bandarban.

Heights as per Google Earth & Wikipedia.

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