Crises or unexpected happenings can occur at anytime, anywhere during traveling. Therefore it is recommended that all tourists to be well planned for such situations before traveling. Natural calamities as well as man-made disasters could occur while traveling to any place and we suggest that tourists be fully acquainted with the kinds of crises/emergency situations they might encounter before traveling. Natural calamities can include earthquake, cyclone, excessive rainfall, flood, tsunamis, landslides, medical epidemic, etc. Similarly, man-made calamities can also create hurdle in regular functioning and movement of tourists. Such situations could include: hartals, protests, street blockades, strikes, closures, political and civil unrest, harassment, accident, local conflict and war etc.

We recommend that you note the following points for your safety and security:


  • Please carry certified copies of passport, insurance papers and your other documents and keep the originals in the safe deposit of your hotel.
  • In case of loss, theft, cheating, robbery, contact the Tourist Police or the nearest Police Station.
  • Please take care of your valuables and belongings i.e. cash and kind, and never leave anything unattended.
  • Always try to use Government authorized travel agencies and transportation services.
  • Please exchange money at authorized money exchange dealers and retain the slip.
  • Please note taxi and bus numbers before traveling.
  • On arrival in Bangladesh, please register yourself at your respective embassy.
  • Please drink only treated water, boiled water or sealed mineral water. You can buy sealed mineral water bottle from local shops.

During Hartals, Strikes & Political Unrest:

  • Please avoid large crowds, protests and procession groups.
  • For information and updates regarding hartals and strikes, please keep updated from news channels and contact your nearest police station.
  • It is good practice for both local & foreign tourists, not to go out during these disruptions.

Tourist Police:
Tourist Police is distinctly new unit has been instituted in Bangladesh Police on 6th November 2013 with the objective of helping development of the tourism industry by fascinating the foreign and the local tourist, improving ecological environment, preserving the culture and heritage of Bangladesh and thereby expediting the pace of its overall development.
The unit is tasked with the responsibilities of providing security to the tourist and protecting all the tourist spot of the country. One of the foremost objectives is to improve the image of Bangladesh as a country of peace-loving people to the outside world, and to develop the tourism industry to the fullness of each potentiality.

In case of Emergency during Travel in Bangladesh

  • Ambulance (Call 199),
  • Bank Information, Money Exchanges, Debit-Credit Cards & ATM Services,
  • Blood Banks Information,
  • Fire Services & Civil Defenses (Call +88-02-9555555),
  • Foreign Missions, Embassies and High commissions in Bangladesh,
  • Hospital Information,
  • Lost Passport,
  • Medical Emergency (199 for Ambulance),
  • Natural Disaster (+88-02-9555555 for Fire Brigade),
  • Police Stations (999 for Dhaka Metropolitan Police),
  • Private Security Services.