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Places of Interest: Chandpur

  • Behular Pata: Chandpur.
  • Bolakhal Jomidar Palace: Chandpur.
  • Historical Hajiganj Mosque: Chandpur.
  • Lohagor Moth: Chandpur.
  • Monsamura Doati: Chandpur.
  • Palace of Nagraja, Moth & Dighi (Lake): Chandpur.
  • Rupsa Jomidar Palace: Chandpur.
  • Sahebganj Nilkuthi: Chandpur.
  • Shahparer Dighi (Lake): Chandpur.
  • Shrine of Hazrat Madda Khan (Rh.) & Mosque: Chandpur.
  • Shrine of Shahrasti: Chandpur.
  • Sre Jogonnath Temple: Chandpur.
  • Three Dome Mosque: Chandpur.
  • Tulatoli Moth: Chandpur.