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Places of Interest: Shariatpur

  • Dighi of Mohishar: Shariatpur.
  • Raj-Nagar: Shariatpur.
  • Kurashi: Shariatpur.
  • Mosque of Buri's Haat: Shariatpur.
  • Haturia Jaminder Palace: Shariatpur.
  • Rudrokor Moth: Shariatpur.
  • Asrom of Ram Sadhu: Shariatpur.
  • Jamindar Palace, Vedorganj: Shariatpur.
  • Fort of Mansingho: Shariatpur.
  • Shiva Linga: Shariatpur.
  • Suresshar Dorbar Sharif: Shariatpur.
  • Ponditsar: Shariatpur.
  • Monsabari, Dhonuka: Shariatpur.