Background, Geographic Area and Location: Rangamati, a hilly district of Bangladesh became a subdivition in 1891 and was upgraded to a district in 1983.Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the name of the district. It is said that the name Rangamati has been originated from the Radish soil of the land which in Bengali means Rangamati. It is bounded on the north and on the east by India on the south by the Bandarban district and on the west by Khagrachhari and Chittagong districts. It lies between 22° 27' and 23° 44' north latitudes and between 91° 56' and 92° 33' east longitudes. The total area of the district is 6,116.11 sq. km. (2361.00 sq. miles) of which 4768.49 sq. km. is under forest.

Temperature and Rainfall: Annual average temperature- maximum 36.5°C, minimum 12.5°C and rainfall 2673 mm.

Main Rivers: KARNAFULI, Thega, Horina, Kassalong, Shublang, Chingri, Rainkhiang and Kaptai.

Administration: Rangamati subdivision was turned into a district in 1983. The area of the town is 64.75 sq km. The district consists of 10 upazilas, 49 unions, 162 mauzas, 1555 villages, 2 paurashava, 18 wards and 90 mahallas. The upazilas are Baghaichari, Barkal, Belaichari, Juraichari, Kaptai, Kaukhali, Langadu, NanniarcharRajosthali and Rangamati Sadar.

Archaeological Heritage and Relics: Palace, dighi and mosque of Raja Jan Bashk Khan, remnants of the residence of Raja Harish Chandra Roy and the hanging bridge.

Historical Events: Before the Muslim conquest Rangamati region was a contesting ground between the kings of the Tripura and the Arakan. In 1966 this region came under the Mughals. It was leased to the English East India Company in 1760-61. In 1737 one tribal leader Sher Mosta Khan took refuge with the Mughals. From this time onward the Chakmas settled in this region who were followed by other ethnic nationals.

Main Crops: Paddy, jute, potato, cotton, corn and mustard seed.

Main Fruits: Mango, jackfruit, banana, pineapple, litchi, black berry.

Main Export Items: Timber, jackfruit, pineapple, forest goods.