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Places of Interest: Lalmonirhat

  • Dharla Bridge at Mughalhat: Lalmonirhat.
  • Hala Boter Tol ( An ancient banyan tree): Lalmonirhat.
  • Harano (lost) Mosque (8th century AH): Lalmonirhat.
  • Hussain Sarabor (dry pond): Lalmonirhat.
  • Ijaradar Mosque: Lalmonirhat.
  • Kabi Bari (house and collections of poet Sheikh Fazlul Karim): Lalmonirhat.
  • Kakina Rajbari: Lalmonirhat.
  • Sindhumati Dighi (Lake): Lalmonirhat.
  • Subadar Monsur Khan Mosque (known as Nidaria Mosque): Lalmonirhat.
  • The Tomb of Hazrat Shah Sufi Muhammad Fazlur Rahman (known as Blind Hafez): Lalmonirhat.
  • Tusharbandhar Zamindar Bari: Lalmonirhat.