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Places of Interest: Faridpur

  • Baisrashi Babu Bari Palace: Faridpur.
  • Basudeva Temple: Faridpur.
  • Bishwa Zaker Monjil: Faridpur.
  • Dighir Par Mosque: Faridpur.
  • Faridpur District Court: Faridpur.
  • Historic Neighbourhood Housing Colonial Buildings and Zamindar Mansions: Faridpur.
  • Mathurapur Dewl: Faridpur.
  • Moyez Manzil Palace: Faridpur.
  • Patrail Mosque: Faridpur.
  • Residence of the renonwed Bengali poet Jasimuddin: Faridpur.
  • River Research Institute: Faridpur.
  • Satoir Mosque: Faridpur.
  • Shrine of Dewan Saker Shah: Faridpur.