Places of Interest: Bagerhat

  • Azoddha Math/Kodla Math: Bagerhat.
  • Bagerhat Museum: Bagerhat.
  • Bibi Begni Mosque: Bagerhat-Khulna Road, Bagerhat.
  • Buffalo Cultivation Centre: Bagerhat.
  • Chandra Mahal: Bagerhat.
  • Chila Church: Chila, Mongla, Bagerhat.
  • Chunkhola Mosque: Chunkhola, Mollahat, Bagerhat.
  • Dublar Chor (Island): Sundarbans, Bagerhat.
  • Durgapur Shiva Math: Bagerhat.
  • Ghora Dighi: Bagerhat
  • Golden Krishna: Bagerhat.
  • Hiron Point: Sundarbans, Bagerhat.
  • Jindapir Mosque: Bagerhat.
  • Khan Jahan Ali's Tank: Bagerhat.
  • Khan Jahan Ali's Tomb Complex: Bagerhat.
  • Khanjeli Lake/Tagore Lake: Bagerhat.
  • Mongla Sea Port: Mongla, Bagerhat.
  • Nil Sorobor: Bagerhat.
  • Nine Dome Mosque: Bagerhat.
  • One Dome Mosque: Bagerhat.
  • Sabekdanga Archaeologycal Site: Bagerhat.
  • Singair Mosque: Bagerhat.
  • Sixty Dome Mosque (Shat Gambuj Mosque): Bagerhat-Khulna Road, Bagerhat.
  • Sundarbans: Bagerhat.
  • Sundarban Museum: Bagerhat.
  • Shundarban Resort: Barakpur, Bagerhat.
  • Watch Tower of British Force: Bagerhat.

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